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Small Fandom Big Bang Lounge

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Welcome to the Small Fandom Big Bang Lounge!

This is the place to come and relax, take a break from writing or creating art, chat with other authors and artists about your story or art, get encouragement or give some.

You'll also find that we've posted some relevant fannish links for each of our ten fandoms to help you along the way. If we're missing any websites that you think are particularly important to your fandom of choice (or any of the others) please let us know!
This community is flocked to give our authors and artists a completely safe and free place to express whatever they want in regards to this challenge and their story or art. However cheerleaders and betas that are SIGNED UP as betas and/or cheerleaders on smallfandom_bb are permitted to join as well.

I know this goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. This is a 100% FLAME FREE ZONE! If someone is writing a pairing that you do not like, you are to simply keep moving. Anyone caught trying to attack someone else, or bashing the character you feel is "getting in the way" of your OTP, will be removed from the community.
You're free to post snippets (no more than 1000 words and preferably less than that) of your story here (how much you want to share is up to you), making sure it is UNDER AN LJ CUT, with the fandom, pairings and any necessary warnings for the snippet you are posting outside the cut) to get feedback - constructive criticism or maybe you're just looking for a few ideas to get you past a particularly stubborn scene etc.
You're free to post drafts of your artwork as well for the same constructive criticism, again including fandom, pairing and any necessary warnings outside the lj cut with the art itself going under the cut (this includes fanvids). I ask that you NOT post completed artwork here as part of this challenge is that the final artwork is a surprise for the author as well as the general public and as authors are only permitted to post snippets, not their completed stories.
Authors and artists are free to make posts about whatever they like as long as it pertains to THIS challenge. No posts about how your fandom is inactive or how you loved the newest episode aired of your particular fandom. The posts should pertain to your stories or art, to how you're feeling about taking on this challenge etc.